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Change prospects into customers with Strategic Intelligence


Strategic Intelligence is everywhere, even when it is not mentionned.

My attention was brought this day on how social media can help win new business.

A rather sales/marketing topic, at first sight.

But, reading the article in depth, I realised that the tips to catch these new customers rely mainly on Strategic Intelligence.

First, because sales and marketing is about having customers buy and use your Company’s products. And to get this result means either have these prospects’ opinion about your products changed or bringing them the opinion that your products is better, or, at least, as good as your competitors’. This is something Strategic Intelligence calls influence.

And to be able to influence prospects, it is essential to understand what they need. And for this, you have to come up with what Strategic Intelligence calls an information management process, which gathers not only data collected online, but offline as well. Information management will also help the organization staying advised of standards changes. They will also allow the Company to keep an eye on their competitors, through benchmarking. All these information will be passed to each Department of the organization, which is what Knowledge Management is about. From information, a strategy will arise.

In the same time, the organization will appear on Internet, whatever its size, not only with a marketing message, but with a corporate one as well. This is called online visibility and presence. The purpose is to gather around the Company a community of people, who will become the ambassadors of the organization and their brands.

This quick enumeration, based on this book’s summary, which is the heart of all my lectures as a consultant, points out the importance of Strategic Intelligence in a Sales/Marketing Department. But not only on this Department.

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