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Information management : beware the « black or white » fallacy

Wizard of Id

Here is the first thing I read this morning.

I decided to share it, as it reminds me the way some Companies manage information reseach and analysis : the more powerful is the tool, the more efficient.Or the more follower a Twitter account counts, the more relevant is what being said. The same reason that leads online data researcher to stick to Google. This reveals organisations for which the economic environment is perceived through facts and figures, or everything that can be weighted, counted and measured : financial assets, market shares…

Of course, it is not because you have powerful research tools that what you will get will be relevant. Because online data researching does not rely only on tools, but on men and women who use them as well. And a rule on Internet is : you only find what you are looking for. Which is the reason why defining the scope of your research is as important, if not more, as the way you will get it.

This comic can also apply to Big Data : the more important is not how many data you get, but how relevant they are, in relation with what you need to know.

For those who are interested in weapons and defense, I suggest you read « Quality versus quantity fallacy« , which explains it all, and give several examples. And those interested in manipulation communication will remember or discover the Black or white fallacy.



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