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Explaining Strategic Intelligence to beginners

Hello to all my readers, and thank you for following me.

I hope you had nice holidays.

I spent most of mine preparing a lecture in English related to Strategic Intelligence for September. Hence my writing in English for this topic.

When preparing a lecture on Strategic Intelligence, the most difficult part is not what you are going to say, it is who you are talking to.

Strategic Intelligence could be subtitled « a topic for everyone and for no one« . For everyone, because it is systemic, and that all types of  organization, be it a Company, a public service, a trade union, a football team or a local rock band, are concerned by Strategic Intelligence. But all organization are divided in Departments, which have their own mission for the organization to keep walking. Which is why it concerns no one specifically.

And the first mission, when explaining Strategic Intelligence to laymen, is emphazing on the point that the different aspects of Strategic Intelligence are connected together. For instance, standards / innovation and information management are linked together, as it is important to be aware of changes in standards. This means that the different department of the organization have to be connected together as well, for instance, R&D with marketing as, if the product does not comply with the standards in force in a country, it will not be possible to sell it.

But the most important part is : who are you talking to ? Students or professionals ? In which department of the organisation are they working ? And what aspect of Strategic Intelligence concern them the most ? Working for the R&D development, information management will allow them to be advised of new patents, but online visibility will be of little interest to them, which will be different if you talk to communication people or HR people, who will also be interested in crisis management.

For this reason, a teacher preparing a lecture in Strategic Intelligence is a little bit like an actor preparing for a role. The teacher has to dive in the listener’s universe not only to understand the knowledge he needs, but also to provide him with relevant examples. And finding these examples are a great part of the preparation.

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