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Information management : avoiding Google addiction


The constant and systematic use of Google to find everything and anything still surprises me. As if each day you eat the same thing.

But the purpose of  online data collection is precisely, as I previously wrote, to invent new ways to get information on a daily basis.

However, I do not deny the search engine of Mountain View’s qualities, including the extend of the information which it provides access.

However, Google has its limitations, including not allowing access to everything. Hence the need for an approach to efficient data collection, to use other search engines, or other tools.

To illustrate my point, here is a document found on the Internet from representatives of the U.S. office of the WTO, which dates from 2012, relating to disputes between WTO and China regarding China’s decision to limit its exports of rare earths, which it is the main supplier. Although the material is somewhat technical, the stakes are no less important, since tungsten is used in CRT TV and molybdenum enters the composition of alloys high strength at elevated temperatures . Interestingly, if more than 80% tungsten is mined in China, more than half of molybdenum comes from the United States. A power game thus emerges between the two countries, which experts draw the consequences for the supply chain prospects.

In fact, my point is not to expound on rare earths, which comes out of my knowledge, but to emphasize the fact I did not go through Google to find this document. Could I have ? Perhaps, this  is not the point. The point is to get you to think outside the box and hackneyed by Google to help you find data whose value will support the relevance of your analysis. Remember : the key to information management is not the collection, which can be partially automated, but the analysis.

Something we‘ll talk further.


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