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Strategic Intelligence : let’s talk about sex


We are in July,  now. It’s the beginning of summer, people are only interested in how they are going to spend their holidays : sea, sun…and sex, in disorder.

French people are supposed to have sex as naturally as the rest of the world breathe. But I don’t write this because I am French. It is also mentionned by women magazines. Summer is the sex season.

But sex an strategic Intelligence go hand in hand. Time for a little reminder on risk management.

Even if hot sex in office can appear very exciting, do not visit such sites from your office computer, and never download any sexual picture from your office computer. Some sex-based sites features malwares that will only ne removed after the payment of a ransom. Something pretty difficult to explain your boss…On top of it, it could become a crisis case, just like what happens to the University of Michigan. And sex can also be used as a motivation to get information. Remember the « parlor maid« …

But this year, the event of this beginning summer is the football World Cup in Brazil. Men are more in front of their TV, and less with their girlfriend/woman. An opportunity for Marc Dorcel, a French company, who decided to take the opportunity of the men’s passion for sport to promote their own product through a clever communication campaign. And simultaneously, the « leisure for adults » company reminds that it is still searching for a traffic manager. Another clever way to advise that the sex industry ignore economic crisis. Both communications, in strategic Intelligence terms, are called influence. And you should note how Dorcel takes care of his brand image, in a market that is usually doomed by a bad reputation. A funny fact, when you keep in mind the number of advertisements which use sex as a selling argument.

Although one in five Brits has had sex at work, you now have more than one reason not to mix both.



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