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Information management : the true meaning of your words

Information management is a little bit like poker : what matters is not the cards you have in hands, it’s how you play with them.

Two days ago, I was online with the CEO of a small Business Intelligence company, talking about strategic Intelligence. My attention was grabbed by this person repeating the word « play« . From the resume I was reading on his Website, while listening to him (something we all do, or should do), he has a rather technical profile. And from what he was telling me, he has a technical approach of strategic Intelligence and information management. Technical people do not play, they set up processes, or follow them.

I decided to leave his Website profile, as the answer to my question was obviously not there, and checked him on LinkedIn. One of the key to collect data is not to focus on one source, but have an array of sources to check the validity of the collected data. And LinkedIn gave me the answer I was looking for : my guy was not only the CEO of a BI company, he was also the producer of shows, involving actors. This explains the importance of playing. From there on, I came up with the deduction that what matters most to him was interaction between elements inside the environment.

I also remember the manager of a school in which I was teaching, repeating « let’s get crazy« . Obviously, the man was not a fan of Ozzy Osbourn, who also says it often in his shows. But being crazy is not something you decide, you rather have to live with, for the best or the worst. People who are really crazy, or even just creative (I worked with an artistic director in a communication agency) never decide to be so, it is just a state of mind. The abuse of this expression revealed that, in fact, this person was not that creative. He completely lacked imagination, was a censorship dictator who was leaving his students no room for creativity or even free expression.

Which brings me to another point : French companies tend to forbid their employees to access social media from the company’s computers, fearing that they write things which may alter the Company’s brand image. This is something I find completely ridiculous. First, because nowadays, employees can connect to social media through their mobile phones. And second, because you get much more information on a Company’s strategy from the official website. For whoever is able to check a website properly, it becomes an open access mine of information. An valid ones, as they come from the managing team.

Words are like the cards you have in hands when playing poker. With one difference : each time you open your mouth to speak, or write something, you show your game.

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